Hygge The Secret of Happiness

Hygge The Secret Of Happiness

Sharon Moll
Renowned Interior designer in Canada with a flair for the simplistic and cozy style life

What Is Hygge?

If you are Danish or living in Scandinavian countries you are for sure not only familiar with this concept but you may truly feel it in your blood, your skin, your soul and you probably is one of the happiest person in your own way… 

However, if you are coming from North America this word is probably way unfamiliar to you…I bet some of you cannot even pronounce it and you might say what “Hygge” is all about?


Hygge (Pronounced as Hu-gah) simply can be translated as “cosy and comfort“ in English . ”Hygge” is actually the Danish concept of feeling comfort, coziness, charm and joy. Hygge can be summarized in 10 main features, which Danes are associating with their happiness and high level of satisfaction in their personal lives.



I know you can’t be more patient to get to know these features. But before going forward with introducing these 10 features, I would like to get this chance to tell you a brief introduction of HyggeMogge.Inc and it’s story and how initially it was inspired by Hygge


Who Are We? Why HyggeMogge? What Was The Initial inspiration?

Hyggeh. Inc. is inspired by the fact that Danes are considered as the happiest people in the world despite they do not live in mild geographical climate. By enforcing the cosiness or Hygge Features to the lives of each individuals in North America, we are confident that people would enjoy more out of their lives regardless of the cold weather and harsh climate. 


 What Is Hygge Associated With? 


Hot Drinks are the first thing that Danes associated hygge with. You may think that how hot drinks can be related to cosiness but the fact is they are totally connect if you just imagine a nice picture of having your coffee mug in your hand while you are sitting on a relaxing sofa in a cold day of winters and watching the snow ❄️ by the window. How do you think your feeling would be if you are placed right in that situation? Enjoyable?! Right? 😉 

In the cold winter days, hot drinks are the first thing that can bring you the vibes of warmth and cosiness. When you feel bored staying at home escaping the cold weather outside , you can always prepare a cup of coffee or hot chocolate or even a glass of mulled-wine . Having some beautiful mugs worth because it is encouraging to serve yourself this hot drink in a unique presentation. It is about loving yourself and pay more attention to your soul ; Serving yourself in an inspirational way. 

Hyggeh. Inc. is producing beautiful hygge style mugs which are all customized with meaningful texts about happy and cosy life.They are designed all by a our talented graphic designer team and are good option for serving you hot drinks and create your own Hygge Style Life. You Can visit Hyggeh Mug collection by clicking on: 


You do not necessarily be a rich or wealthy to bring this vive to your home. You do not also need to have plenty of time to change your mood. Trust me! You can change your mood just by having some simple candle and a lighter as one one the main features of Hygge! You cannot believe how warm your home would be by the light of candles.



Candles are actually the second thing that most of Danes associated Hygge with. The light of candles by no means bring a solid cosiness. Even if you had never heard about this concept before, you probably always love the candles and automatically felt the amazing mood of its light, once you entered a place full of candles burning. This is one of the instinctive vibes that human-beings have always had. However, we are sometimes really busy with our chaotic life that we sometimes forget to utilize these simple tools of happiness and cosy mood. Hygge tells you to take advantage of every second of your time . 


You do not necessarily be a rich or wealthy to bring this vibe to your home. You do not also need to have plenty of time to change your mood. Trust me! You can change your mood just by having some simple candle and a lighter as one one the main features of Hygge! You cannot believe how warm your home would be by the light of candles.


You may think that candles will burn and ends soon so they are not reasonable money wise.You are absolutely right!! Now bare with me…I want to tell you a trick to find a log-lasting Candle. Most of the candles in the market has a lot of impurities or made of paraffin mainly, which will evaporate quickly. I recommend to purchase the handmade soy wax candles which will last really long however they might be a bit expensive.

Surprisingly, Hyggeh. Inc. as an ambassador of hygge is making handmade poured 100% made of soy wax with really affordable prices. Hyggeh Candles are so unique and creatively produces purely with soy wax and really well worth to try. You can easily click on some of our featured Candles and shop your handmade poured 100% pure soy candles and bring hygge to your home and tables. Do not forget to sign up in www.hyggeh.com to get your first order 20% discount.

Hyggeh Slow-Burning Handmade Soy Candles

Candle Of Hope

HYGGE is a must for having Hope in life.These handmade candles made in Canada bring cosy vibes fulfil hope in your heart with its breathtaking smell and gorgeous design. The smell is the mixture of Cinnamon  & Strawberry which is fulfilling. 

Customized Hygge Candle

Are you looking for a customized cosy sweet  gift to your friends and Family?? Here is our handmade rustic candle by Hyggeh for your loved ones in Canada. We would customized the lid with the first character of their name and deliver it to them in a beautiful shipping box as your Christmas gift.

Sweet Life Candle

HYGGE is all need for Sweet Life. These handmade candles made in Canada are the best match for any cosy decoration that you have. The smell is the mixture of Sandalwood & Strawberry



Things made out of wood – Displaying your fire wood in a basket or as a beautiful stack is very hygge. Wooden candlesticks or ornaments, a small fireside table or bowl. Wood is simple and natural just like the concept of hygge.


On the other hand, we can put nature in the same category. Any piece of nature to adorn your fireplace or fire room will get the hygge green light. Twigs, flowers and plants as decoration will enhance the atmosphere.




Are you feeling lonely and bored? Are you feeling that nothing would make you happy? Hygge culture says that it doesn’t matter that you are single or you are lonely at home. Cooking is one of the most interesting and entertaining activities that would help you enjoy every second of your life. Cooking is a pleasure activity for everyone. 

Cooking is not only considered  as Hygge for singles!!! Cooking bring Hygge mood for couples too. It make them so close to each other while they are spending time doing the same experience. Try to make Healthy food at home, enjoy every second of ingredients preparation and the time you are maxing them together. I will bring you a cosy feeling, happiness .



Hygge believes that you don’t actually have to keep in touch with many many people to create a happiness. In fact, your friends should be counted by your fingers and the only thing matters is the depth of friendship. Danes believe that after work the technology and computers are forbidden. They would get together with their close friends which might be even 1 or two persons. 


They would sit in a warm and cosy environment together, talk, laugh, play board games and release all their negative energy by talking to each other about whatever they are willing for, stressless of being judged.In the gathering with close friends you have the advantage of being comfortable , indeed Hygge. There is no force for having dressed up as these gatherings are so simple and casuals. 


Friends cook together or do potluck and everyone contribute to bring food or drink. These gathering are amazing in sense that it gives fabulous and enjoyable vibes and protect you from negative feeling of loneliness.




Hygge believes that you need to pay too much attention to your physical comfort as the body will translate all these amazing feeling to your mind and you would find yourself more enjoying your moments. Try to where knitted hand-made dresses and warm socks in bright colours while you hug your cup of coffee and read your favourite book. How does it sound like? 



Try to where knitted hand-made dresses and warm socks in bright colours while you hug your cup of coffee and read your favourite book. How does it sound like? 





Do not forget to cover yourself and keep warm in cold winter days. Blankets bring a feeling of safety and privacy, which means Hygge. Many Danes associated Hygge with the warmth and cosiness of knitted blankets in their homes. Try to buy more handmade knitted blankets which may worth more but it will be paid off by the happy feeling it brings. Normally it is hard to find good quality and gorgeous blankets in the market or it might be way expensive. 

Good News! HyggeMogge  every year year offer best quality knitted 100% handmade blankets online for all the customer in Canada and USA with a reasonable price and offer amazing vouchers and promotions in specific time of the years such as boxing days and of course in gorgeous colour you can easily match with your furnitures. 

Normally these knitted blankets should be multifunctional: Firstly for design and decoration ,which means you can proudly put it in your living room even if you have a gathering with your friends.And secondly you should be able to cover yourself while you are taking rest in front of TV, or reading your book or even if you are sitting by the window watch outside and drinking your mulled wine. How do you like it? Isn’t is so fulfilling and inspiring? Visit Our blanket collection by clicking on this link: 



Are You Ready To Apply Hygge To Your Life?

Now that you know Hygge and getting familiar with this fulfilling concept from Danish culture, are you ready to make your life happier for yourself and your family? We Are here to help you make this huge change !! You are curious to know how? 



Introducing Two Inspiring Instagram Page on Hygge Life

Follow Hyggemogge & Cosylifecanada on Instagram . They are one of  the most inspiring influencer for the cosy life style in North America. These pages Have been created by mens of showing the best understanding of Hygge life style and helping people to enjoy every seconds of their life. There is a friendly community of followers gathering together on social media and they all sharing stories of their hygge life style with us and get many precious prizes from our online store www.hyggemogge.com.

HyggeMogge Online Store Products, What do we sell?

HyggeMogge is an innovative vendor providing the most gorgeous and hand-made products all presenting Hygge, in its online store.  These products include unique hand-made soy candles -famous for being extraordinary low-burning-, decorative pillows all designed by our professional designers, fabulous Candle holders and candlesticks, wall decors all describing the cozy life in Hygge style texts, which bring coziness to your living room. 

How and where we ship Hyggeh Products?

Our products are delivered with “No Shipping Cost” to USA and CANADA and with a competitive shipping cost worth wide depends on the product. You can receive the estimated delivery date on check out. The products are all delivered in cozy and beautiful packaging which make this brand so unique among all competitors. Hyggeh Inc. has many customized candles that is a great idea for giving present to your loved ones.

Our interior design Service and consultant

Hyggeh has a group of professional interior designer, who can give you free consultant and provide you the most coziest design beyond your expectation. This is our commitment to our customers to bring happiness to their home. Our instagram page worths to follow as one of the best influencer in cozy life. You can get valuable ideas of day to day Hygge life style and you can create yours, inspired by our influencer’s activities. 


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Hyggeh Provides the most professional Hygge table Design ideas for your events. You Can always Use as a gift to get ideas. You are always welcomed to contact us on the our website : www.hyggeh.com for free consultant.